End of the Month @ Araps/Djurite – March

Mount Arapiles 24 Mar 2018 — 25 Mar 2018

Autumnal weather and improving friction – what better reason is there to visit Mt Arapiles in late March?  Come along and cruise up the nearby classics and well-worn trade routes in the Organ Pipes. Or climb something new. Climb in the shade or in the sun depending on the temperature. Maybe try a ‘crack theme’ approach to the weekend?

We will be camping in The Pines, close to the action. There is no better rock to fondle than the hard quartzite of Arapiles, so contact your Trip Leader, Dave Scarlett, to register your interest.

This trip is primarily intended for intermediate and advanced climbers, however some spaces for beginner climbers may be available dependent on other spaces filling first.

All intending participants must contact the trip leader prior to the trip. Please send through some details about your experience and climbing gear and hopefully we’ll see you there.


Photos: Trip Leader Dave Scarlett and the Organ Pipes at sunrise.

Contact: Dave Scarlett

Not sure if you’re novice, intermediate or advanced? Find your level or contact the trip leader.