AGM – Update Notice 19.9.

Dear VCC Members

This message is regarding the up-coming AGM. It concerns the following three items:

  • Change of the Melbourne Location
  • Proxy Voting
  • Remote Location Attendance

Change of the Melbourne Location

Yesterday we were notified by the Retreat Hotel that they double booked the room and can’t accommodate us anymore. We now booked  the upstairs room in the 

Grandview Hotel Fairfield
429 Heidelberg Road – Fairfield VIC 3078
7:30 pm 24.9.2019

Time and Date has not changed and the Hotel is easy to reach via the Hurstbridge Line – Fairfield Station.

Proxy Voting

Unfortunately, there was a mistake on the proxy voting form which was sent out to members recently for the AGM. 

The proxy form mistakenly permitted people to vote for (and also against) office-holders. According to our club rules, proxy voting is only possible for resolutions and not for ballots for office-holders. 

This is reflected in the dedicated proxy form set out in Appendix 2 of the club rules (which allows people to vote for or against specific resolutions) and in clause 23(5) of the club rules which provides:

(5) The ballot for the election of officers and ordinary members of the Committee shall be conducted at the annual general meeting in such usual and proper manner as the Committee may direct. (emphasis added)

The club rules actually envisage that there may not need to be a ballot at all where persons are running for positions unopposed.  The club rules also allow people to nominate for roles at the AGM itself, meaning that a person would need to attend to know the full range of candidates running for office.

Legislation in this area does not require proxy voting to be permitted in club rules at all (either for resolutions or ballots for office-holders).  The club rules currently only allow it for resolutions. The club rules could, theoretically, be amended at some later date if there is support for changing the proxy rules. 

For completeness, the VCC has never previously allowed proxy voting for ballots for officer-holders, nor has this been something that has ever previously been sought by members.

You can download the corrected version of the proxy form here together with the agenda.

You can find the current version of the club rules on our website:

If you’ve already returned the incorrect version of the proxy vote form to the secretary, the club will still count your votes for the resolutions.  The preferences for office-holders will not be taken into account at the AGM. 

Of course, every member is invited to attend the AGM, in person, and vote if there is a ballot required. 

Remote Location Attendance

The club will also permit members to attend the AGM remotely from pre-arranged locations which we are in the process of organising. Attendance at meeting via technological means is permitted under the club rules. Members attending via remote locations will be deemed to be in attendance at the AGM and will be permitted to vote for resolutions and ballots if they arise. The persons hosting at those locations will help conduct such votes and will also confirm the members’ identity and current membership of the club.

Since this has never been done before we need to get this organised properly in order to assure the integrity of the voting process and therefore the AGM. If you are interested in attending the AGM remotely, please fill out the linked form so we can organise the pre-arranged remote locations.

Form AGM 2019 – Remote Location Interest

Once we’ve set-up these locations, we will send all members the address and details of all locations so you can choose the one which is most convenient for you to attend.

Thanks and see you at the AGM

Your VCC