Learn to Lead Course

Take the next step, learn to lead climb, have fun and get home safely:

  • Exclusive to VCC Members
  • 6 days qualified instruction
  • All equipment provided
  • Max 4 students per instructor


  • You should be able to safely belay and second a lead climber outdoors
  • You must be a VCC member

What you will learn:

  • Lead climbing using natural protection
  • Setting up belay stations and descending from the cliff
  • Multi-pitch considerations
  • Protecting the second

Cost: $625 per person including GST

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The club and the course provider reserve the right to reject an intending participant if they are not satisfied that the participant has the necessary level of skill or is otherwise unsuitable.

Self-Rescue Course

Climb long enough and at one point or another getting stuck in a jam high up off the ground is inevitable: stuck ropes, a crucial piece of gear missing in action,wandering off-route into dicey terrain, or an injury that leaves a climber in need of help.
Climbing Self-Rescue, Tyson & Loomis, The Mountaineers Books, 2006,p.11

The course runs over 2 days (usually a weekend) and covers techniques to improvise solutions for self-rescue situations, such as:

  • Basics, Emergency Procedures
  • Rescue Knots: Munter Hitch, Mule Hitch, Prusik Hitch, Autoblock, Klemheist, Bachmann, Garda and Mariner’s Hitches
  • Escaping the (belay) system: Belaying off body and belaying off anchor
  • Raising the second: simple assisted hoist
  • Descending & ascending (abseiling & prusiking) past knots
  • Raising the injured second: pulley systems
  • Descending: makeshift chest harness, assisted abseil
  • Ascending to a hurt leader (anchoring, prusik, solo, rope solo) – If time allows

All participants must be:

  • VCC members
  • Lead climbers or competent seconds
  • Able to demonstrate competency in tying figure-of-eight bight and bend, water knot, double fisherman’s and clove hitch.

To register your interest email