The VCC has instigated a legal challenge against PV

Today, two renowned Australian rock climbers commenced a Court case against Parks Victoria to review its decision to deny them permission to rock climb at world-class climbing areas at the Gariwerd/Grampians National Park in Victoria.In February 2019, Parks Victoria announced the world’s largest rock climbing bans, covering 551 square kilometres of the Gariwerd/Grampians National Park […]

The Founding Council and Climbing Governance recommendations

To all VCC members, I write this in the wake of the recent Zoom meeting (Sunday 30th August, 2020) of interested climbing reps on the so-called “Founding Council” to keep you ‘in the loop’. At this meeting, Phil Goebel (Sport Climbing Victoria) and Andrew Knight (Outdoors Victoria) talked to the draft options paper that had […]

How PV misled the Minister

In February 2019, Parks Victoria (PV) announced it had made a Set-aside Determination that prohibited climbing in a huge section of Gariwerd / the Grampians National Park.  Over the next two months, PV endeavoured to justify the rationale for the prohibition in two ‘after-the-fact’ ministerial briefing papers, sent to the Minister for Energy, Environment and […]


Earlier this month, the VCC sent a letter to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Gabrielle Williams in response to the interim protection order granted at Taylors Rock / Dec Crag.

Around the World boulder at Arapiles is now off-limits

This site – Around the world boulder – may contain significant Aboriginal cultural heritage that is extremely import to Traditional Owners, who have occupied Dyurrite – known as Mount Arapiles – for thousands of years. To protect the site while there are further investigations by Parks Victoria and Traditional Owners, visitors are advised to not […]

Stakeholder Reference Group 3 Meeting Notes

Hi all, Parks Victoria has released the meeting notes from Stakeholder Reference Group 3, which was held in April as part of the Grampians Land Management Plan process. The first section relates to presentations by PV; the second second relates to feedback from stakeholders.

Interim protection order granted for Taylors Rock / Dec Crag

An interim protection order has been granted for the site known as ‘Dyurrite 1’ at Taylors Rock / Declaration Crag, in the Mount Arapiles – Tooan State Park. The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Gabrielle Williams announced the decision on Friday. The interim protection order is valid for three months and can be extended for another […]

Rock Climbing Roundtable 4 update

In response to requests made at Rock Climbing Roundtable 4 on 5 March, Parks Victoria have released updated maps of the SPAs in the Grampians (north and south), a list of names of the SPAs, and a list of the 125 areas assessed for tangible cultural heritage. They have also answered questions arising from the meeting. Key takeaways for climbers from these new […]

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