Hillwood Reopens

This is being posted on behalf of Steve Postle, President, Crag Care Tasmania. Hillwood is open!! The George Town Council and the Climbers Club of Tasmania have worked hard to secure an agreement with the landowner to take over management of one of Tasmania’s best sport climbing and bouldering areas. As a community we wanted to […]

Donate to Walter Braun affected by the Buangor fire

Walter Braun has built many of the tracks around Arapiles. If you have ever walked down Pharos Gully or down the newly finished Central Gully track then you have encountered Walter’s amazing stonemasonary work. He has built tracks across Arapiles (Dyurrite) and the Grampians (Gariwerd). Unfortunately, the recent Buangor fire has destroyed much of the […]

Taipan Wall (Left Hand Side) will be a designated climbing area and open for climbing as of Saturday 17th December 2022

In 2020 Aboriginal cultural heritage was re-discovered at Taipan Wall (Gunigalg area) in the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park. The climbing area was subsequently closed to allow Traditional Owners and Parks Victoria to determine a long-term solution for protecting the cultural values of the area through the Greater Gariwerd Landscape Management Plan. The Climbing Victoria Advisory […]

Update on key rock climbing topics December 2022

Parks Victoria (PV) and the Climbing Victoria Advisory Council (CVAC) continue to meet and had their fifth formal meeting on 22 November 2022. The following summarises key updates and clarifications that were provided in that meeting. Update on crag assessments Parks Victoria has agreed to assess an additional 50 climbing areas in Gariwerd following the […]

Update from Climbing Victoria Advisory Council (August 2022)

Update from Climbing Victoria Advisory Council – August 2022 Since the release of the GGLMP, Parks Victoria has sought to engage with this group regarding aspects of the implementation of the plan that are associated with climbing. There is an need for the climbing community to work together to provide input on a range of […]

Gariwerd Climbing Areas for Review – Community Survey

A survey has been set up by the Climbing Victoria Advisory Council (CVAC). The survey seeks feedback from any member of the outdoor climbing community that has an interest in climbing at Gariwerd/Grampians. The results will be used to prioritise resources for reviews that would enable climbing areas to be assigned as Designated Climbing Areas. […]

Progress on a Peak Body for Outdoor Climbers

Representatives from eight climbing organisations have been working together to address the need for a peak body that represents the diverse voices of the Victorian outdoor climbing community. With a working title of Climbing Victoria Advisory Council (CVAC), this group originated as an offshoot from the Founding Council that was originally formed to interact with […]

Parks Victoria’s Consultation Report in relation to the GGLMP

A couple of months ago, representations were made to PV that its Consultation Report (summarising the feedback from the public on the draft GGLMP) should be released significantly in advance of the release of the final GGLMP, i.e. the Consultation Report should not be effectively ‘buried’ by being simultaneously released with the long-awaited final Plan […]

News just in from Parks Victoria, in response to our requests/exhortations

(1)     PV are confirming that the additional bouldering and climbing areas recently assessed within Gariwerd are: Bouldering sites (these were selected based on a review of submissions and discussions with a few members of the bouldering community): Andersens West, Between the Sheeps, Caves Club, Epsilon Wall, Legoland, Lower Taipan Wall, Mountain Lion, Project Wall (Lemonade Wall), The […]

Outdoors Victoria and Sports Climbing Victoria recommendations and public meeting

Outdoors Victoria with Sport Climbing Victoria have releaseed their final Climbing Governance Review and Recommendations (pdf). They have also scheduled a public meeting via Zoom on Thursday the 8th of July from 7pm to 8pm which will be an opportunity for the Victorian climbing community to hear about the process that has occured to date […]

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