The Victorian Climbing Club was formed in 1952 and incorporated in 1985. The aim of the Club is to protect and promote the sport of climbing. The VCC is involved in a number of areas including access negotiation, climber education, club trips and working bees.

The VCC is based in Naarm / Melbourne. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land, the Boon Wurrung and Woiwurrung peoples of the Kulin Nation. We also acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands throughout Australia on which we climb. We recognise sovereignty was never ceded, and pay our respects to your Elders, past, present and emerging.

The VCC is managed by a committee, you can meet the committee here.

Burnley Bouldering Wall

The VCC has a dedicated band of volunteers that perform maintenance on the walls. If you need to report any issues or would like to give any feedback, you can reach them here Burnley Team. Guide available on the download page.

Wilson Avenue Bouldering Wall

In partnership with the City of Moreland, the VCC maintains the climbing routes and holds at the wall. The VCC conducts weekly checks to rectify spinning holds and check the routes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can I learn to climb with the VCC?

At present, the only instructional course offered by the VCC is our Learn to Lead course. The course is aimed at people who already have some knowledge of climbing outdoors and is only open to members. See the Courses section for more details.

Q.  Who can come on a club trip?

Anyone who meets the trip criteria can attend a trip. Just make sure you register with the trip leader in advance of the trip. Non-members can attend up to two trips as a guest before joining. The trip criteria are: –

  • You are a Novice climber if… You can tie yourself in using a figure of eight knot and you have a harness, helmet, suitable footwear, one sling and a screw gate karabiner.
  • You are an Intermediate climber if… You can tie yourself in using a figure of eight knot plus you can safely belay and second a lead climber, you can abseil and you have a harness, helmet, suitable footwear, several long slings, two screw gate karabiners, nut pick and belay device.
  • You are an Advanced climber if… You meet the Intermediate criteria plus you can lead climb using traditional gear, you can set up belays on multi pitch climbs and you have all the above mentioned gear plus a rack and a rope.

All intending trip participants are advised to read VCC Trip Participants’ Guidelines. Contact the trip leader or clubtrips for more details.

Q. I’m a total novice or I don’t meet the novice trip criteria, how do I get into climbing?

You have a couple of options:

  1. Go to a climbing gym where you can pick up the skills you need to attend a novice level club trip.
  2. Use a commercial climbing company, take a course or just have a fun experience.
  3. For younger budding climbers, the scouting movement may be worth a go. I would also suggest getting a book from the library such as “Rock Climbing: Getting Started” by Glen Tempest or similar.

Q. Where can I find a climbing gym?

Try one of these

Bayside Rock, Carrum Downs, (03) 9775 1557

Climb West, Altona, (03) 9077 9863

Gravity Worx, Coburg, (03) 9350 1789

Hardrock, Melbourne CBD and Nunawading, (03) 9894 4183

Urban Climb, Blackwood, 1300 001 203

The Rock Adventure Centre, Geelong, (03) 5221 3101

Q. Where can I find a bouldering gym?

Try one of these

The Crux, Coburg, (03) 9013 0886

The Lactic Factory, Abbotsford, (03) 9416 2508

Northside Boulders, Brunswick and Northcote info@northsideboulders.com

Urban Climb, Collingwood, 1300 001 203

Burnley Wall (free facility), Burnley

Blochaus, Port Melbourne, (03) 9646 6018

Rocket Climbing, Footscray, (03) 9563 6769

Wilson Bouldering Wall (free facility), Wilson Street, Brunswick (near Jewel Station)

Q. How do I find someone to climb with?

The VCC sponsors a Meetup Group for gym climbers to meet new partners. You could also try the gyms above; some of them have notice boards (online and physical) for this purpose. Also www.chockstone.org . Alternatively, come along to a club meet or club trip. These are social events that are normally open to non-members.

Q. Can I go abseiling with the VCC?

Sometimes climbing involves abseiling but if you are only interested in abseiling, try a commercial organisation.

Q. I want to work or volunteer as a climbing guide, instructor or in a climbing gym. What qualifications do I need?

The VCC does not employ climbing guides, instructors or route setters as we are not a commercial organisation. I normally suggest contacting a commercial organisation or gym that may be a potential employer to see which qualifications they recognise or require. You may also wish to check out the following resources Australian School of Mountaineering, Australian Climbing Instructors Association, Professional Association of Climbing Instructors.