Hillwood Reopens

This is being posted on behalf of Steve Postle, President, Crag Care Tasmania. Hillwood is open!! The George Town Council and the Climbers Club of Tasmania have worked hard to secure an agreement with the landowner to take over management of one of Tasmania’s best sport climbing and bouldering areas. As a community we wanted to […]

Donate to Walter Braun affected by the Buangor fire

Walter Braun has built many of the tracks around Arapiles. If you have ever walked down Pharos Gully or down the newly finished Central Gully track then you have encountered Walter’s amazing stonemasonary work. He has built tracks across Arapiles (Dyurrite) and the Grampians (Gariwerd). Unfortunately, the recent Buangor fire has destroyed much of the […]

Taipan Wall (Left Hand Side) will be a designated climbing area and open for climbing as of Saturday 17th December 2022

In 2020 Aboriginal cultural heritage was re-discovered at Taipan Wall (Gunigalg area) in the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park. The climbing area was subsequently closed to allow Traditional Owners and Parks Victoria to determine a long-term solution for protecting the cultural values of the area through the Greater Gariwerd Landscape Management Plan. The Climbing Victoria Advisory […]

Update on key rock climbing topics December 2022

Parks Victoria (PV) and the Climbing Victoria Advisory Council (CVAC) continue to meet and had their fifth formal meeting on 22 November 2022. The following summarises key updates and clarifications that were provided in that meeting. Update on crag assessments Parks Victoria has agreed to assess an additional 50 climbing areas in Gariwerd following the […]

Update from Climbing Victoria Advisory Council (August 2022)

Update from Climbing Victoria Advisory Council – August 2022 Since the release of the GGLMP, Parks Victoria has sought to engage with this group regarding aspects of the implementation of the plan that are associated with climbing. There is an need for the climbing community to work together to provide input on a range of […]

Gariwerd Climbing Areas for Review – Community Survey

A survey has been set up by the Climbing Victoria Advisory Council (CVAC). The survey seeks feedback from any member of the outdoor climbing community that has an interest in climbing at Gariwerd/Grampians. The results will be used to prioritise resources for reviews that would enable climbing areas to be assigned as Designated Climbing Areas. […]

Progress on a Peak Body for Outdoor Climbers

Representatives from eight climbing organisations have been working together to address the need for a peak body that represents the diverse voices of the Victorian outdoor climbing community. With a working title of Climbing Victoria Advisory Council (CVAC), this group originated as an offshoot from the Founding Council that was originally formed to interact with […]

Parks Victoria’s Consultation Report in relation to the GGLMP

A couple of months ago, representations were made to PV that its Consultation Report (summarising the feedback from the public on the draft GGLMP) should be released significantly in advance of the release of the final GGLMP, i.e. the Consultation Report should not be effectively ‘buried’ by being simultaneously released with the long-awaited final Plan […]

News just in from Parks Victoria, in response to our requests/exhortations

(1)     PV are confirming that the additional bouldering and climbing areas recently assessed within Gariwerd are: Bouldering sites (these were selected based on a review of submissions and discussions with a few members of the bouldering community): Andersens West, Between the Sheeps, Caves Club, Epsilon Wall, Legoland, Lower Taipan Wall, Mountain Lion, Project Wall (Lemonade Wall), The […]

Outdoors Victoria and Sports Climbing Victoria recommendations and public meeting

Outdoors Victoria with Sport Climbing Victoria have releaseed their final Climbing Governance Review and Recommendations (pdf). They have also scheduled a public meeting via Zoom on Thursday the 8th of July from 7pm to 8pm which will be an opportunity for the Victorian climbing community to hear about the process that has occured to date […]

Women Uprising: Womxn-of-Colour Community Survey

Womxn-of-Colour Community Survey The purpose of the survey is to collect information to help inform how safer and more inclusive climbing spaces might be created. The closing date is 1st April. It’ll just take 8 – 10 minutes to complete.  This survey is specifically for womxn-of-colour only, we’d ask folks who are not to make space and hold […]

The Economics of Rock Climbing – What are we worth?

The economic value of rock climbing is increasingly recognised internationally. This tourism not only provides income and employment but also draws experienced and skilled individuals to regional areas. Labour attraction and retention are critical issues for regional areas in Victoria. A paper has been produced on behalf of the Victorian Climbing Club to estimate the […]

VCC COVID-19 Safety Plan and resuming club activities

The VCC Committee has agreed to a COVID-19 Safety Plan which is required by the Government and DHHS. This plan enables the club to safely resume running club trips, courses and activities in 2021. Our regular club trips, courses and activities can now be planned and advertised once trip leaders are organised. This plan ensures […]

VCC submission on the Greater Gariwerd Landscape Management Plan

This is the draft VCC submission in response to the Greater Gariwerd Landscape draft Management Plan (it might change a little before it is submitted).  VCC members are exhorted to email their own submissions to ParkPlan@parks.vic.gov.au – feel free to get ideas from this draft

Successful tree planting last Saturday

CliffCare was involved in a very successful tree-planting at Centenary Park at Dyurrite / Mt Arapiles last Saturday, 21 November. There were 37 people who signed the log sheets and pitched in to dig holes, plant and water the trees in the campgrounds, and make tree guards for the new plantings. It was wonderful to […]

The VCC has instigated a legal challenge against PV

Today, two renowned Australian rock climbers commenced a Court case against Parks Victoria to review its decision to deny them permission to rock climb at world-class climbing areas at the Gariwerd/Grampians National Park in Victoria.In February 2019, Parks Victoria announced the world’s largest rock climbing bans, covering 551 square kilometres of the Gariwerd/Grampians National Park […]

The Founding Council and Climbing Governance recommendations

To all VCC members, I write this in the wake of the recent Zoom meeting (Sunday 30th August, 2020) of interested climbing reps on the so-called “Founding Council” to keep you ‘in the loop’. At this meeting, Phil Goebel (Sport Climbing Victoria) and Andrew Knight (Outdoors Victoria) talked to the draft options paper that had […]

How PV misled the Minister

In February 2019, Parks Victoria (PV) announced it had made a Set-aside Determination that prohibited climbing in a huge section of Gariwerd / the Grampians National Park.  Over the next two months, PV endeavoured to justify the rationale for the prohibition in two ‘after-the-fact’ ministerial briefing papers, sent to the Minister for Energy, Environment and […]


Earlier this month, the VCC sent a letter to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Gabrielle Williams in response to the interim protection order granted at Taylors Rock / Dec Crag.

Around the World boulder at Arapiles is now off-limits

This site – Around the world boulder – may contain significant Aboriginal cultural heritage that is extremely import to Traditional Owners, who have occupied Dyurrite – known as Mount Arapiles – for thousands of years. To protect the site while there are further investigations by Parks Victoria and Traditional Owners, visitors are advised to not […]

Stakeholder Reference Group 3 Meeting Notes

Hi all, Parks Victoria has released the meeting notes from Stakeholder Reference Group 3, which was held in April as part of the Grampians Land Management Plan process. The first section relates to presentations by PV; the second second relates to feedback from stakeholders.

Interim protection order granted for Taylors Rock / Dec Crag

An interim protection order has been granted for the site known as ‘Dyurrite 1’ at Taylors Rock / Declaration Crag, in the Mount Arapiles – Tooan State Park. The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Gabrielle Williams announced the decision on Friday. The interim protection order is valid for three months and can be extended for another […]

Rock Climbing Roundtable 4 update

In response to requests made at Rock Climbing Roundtable 4 on 5 March, Parks Victoria have released updated maps of the SPAs in the Grampians (north and south), a list of names of the SPAs, and a list of the 125 areas assessed for tangible cultural heritage. They have also answered questions arising from the meeting. Key takeaways for climbers from these new […]

Victorian Climbing Management Guidelines

Well-credentialed and very experienced climber Matt Brooks began, a few years ago, to formulate a document that summarised climbing and climbing management best practice. He co-opted appropriately experienced climbers with the requisite knowledge and skills to act as a ‘steering committee’ and to begin to flesh out the contents of such a document. This group […]

Submissions, meetings and some positive steps

1) Call for submissions re a possible interim protection order at Declaration Crag Parks Victoria has sent around the following communication: ‘The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs is considering whether to make an interim protection declaration in relation to a Barengi Gadjin Aboriginal place known as ‘Dyurrite 1’ in Mount Arapiles-Tooan State Park.  Dyurrite 1 is […]

Interim Protection Declaration for Taylor’s Rock/Declaration Crag?

The following communication was received on 30th March from Parks Victoria. It relates to the consideration, by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, of an Interim Protection Declaration for Taylor’s Rock/Declaration Crag (at Mount Arapiles). The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs is considering whether to make an interim protection declaration in relation to a Barengi Gadjin Aboriginal […]

Outdoor Bouldering Walls CLOSED

In accordance with guidance coming out from Federal and State Governments, and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, all outdoor Bouldering Walls have been closed. In the interest of public health and safety during this time, we’ve already removed the holds from the Burnley and Footscray walls. The COVID-19 virus has been shown […]

VCC Trips and Events Update

Hi everyone, We’ve cancelled all VCC trips and events for the foreseeable future in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is in keeping with the State Government’s announcement on Sunday of the cancellation of non-essential services. We ask you to please reconsider any climbing plans you may have. Now is not the time to risk an accident […]

Access – where are we now?

As you’ll be aware, the VCC has been deliberating for some months on whether or not to file legal proceedings against Parks Victoria (PV) in relation to the Grampians climbing bans.  We have been holding off until after the fourth of a series of Roundtable meetings was held. We had been hoping that PV might […]

Storm Clouds and a Ray of Sunshine in Natimuk

In the February edition of the Argus, I reported that Barenji Gadjin and Parks Victoria would be running an information session at Natimuk on January 29 about the recent closure of Taylor’s Rock / Declaration Crag at Mt Arapiles, to discuss possible ways forward. Since the scheduling of this meeting didn’t allow time for a […]

Victorian State Speed Titles – Gravity Worx

Gravity Worx Indoor Climbing Gym in Pascoe Vale/Coburg will host Sport Climbing Victoria’s State Speed Titles for the third year in a row on Saturday 14th March, 2020. Entries for States are open at Sport Climbing Victoria. There are youth and adult categories, with a range of sub-category options, so you can enter the category […]

Victorian State Lead Titles – Cliffhanger

Cliffhanger Indoor Climbing Gym in Altona will host Sport Climbing Victoria’s State Lead Titles for the second consecutive year on the weekend of Feb 29 – March 1. Entries for States are open at Sport Climbing Victoria. There are youth and adult categories, with a range of sub-category options, so you can enter the category […]

Re-discovery of rock art at Declaration Crag, Djurite/Mt Arapiles.

There has been a re-discovery of rock art at Taylor’s Rock (Declaration Crag). Barengi Gadjin Land Council shared this news with the Rock Climbing Roundtable in advance of a public statement as a positive story of celebration and a demonstration of their faith in the climbing community to do the right thing. They respectfully ask […]


The new VCC President, Kevin Lindorff, attended the latest Stakeholder Reference Group Meeting as the climbing community’s representative. Below are his thoughts and impressions on the meeting as published in Argus, the VCC’s Newsletter, in the December edition. We have published them here on our website as we believe that climbers outside of the VCC […]

Cliffhanger Christmas Masquerade

VCC members are invited to join in the fun at Cliffhanger Climbing Gym in Altona. Cliffhanger has been a generous supporter of the VCC for many years. More information is available on the Cliffhanger Facebook Page. It’s been a massive year at Cliffhanger and now we’d like to celebrate with you. In 2019, we enjoyed […]

Hardrock End of Year Parties

Hardrock will be throwing TWO End of Year parties this year!  The Nunawading End of Year Party will be on Tuesday, 10th of December and the CBD End of Year Party on Friday, 13th of December. Festivities will be kicking off from 5:00pm. The night will be filled with games and giveaways and of course a […]

2019 Trip Leaders Raffle Winners

The Trip leaders Rewards Raffle was drawn at the VCC’s Annual General Meeting in September and the winners of each prize are listed below. Congratulations to all of the trip leaders who were winners! Many thanks to our numerous retail and gym Supporters for offering these very generous prizes. It is hoped that VCC members […]


REEL ROCK 2019 is proudly hosted by Bogong Equipment at The Astor Theatre, St Kilda. WHEN Thursday 14 November 2019 6PM Bars open 7PM (sharp!) Film starts WHERE The Astor Theatre, 1 Chapel Street, St Kilda, Melbourne REEL ROCK Film Tour is back for its 14th year, and it is Bogong Equipment’s 10th year of […]

The Wilderness Shop Annual Sale – October 2019

One of our sponsors, The Wilderness Shop in Box Hill, is holding their Annual Sale on 25th – 27th October. VCC members can use their VCC Membership Cards to obtain at least 20% off gear.  The Wilderness Shop is having an Exclusive Pre-Sale Club Evening and VCC members and their friends are invited. Get in […]

An Open Letter from the President

Dear MembersDear Climbers I’m writing to advise you all of my intentions to stand for re-election as VCC President. The past year has been a difficult one for Victorian climbing, where we have seen the biggest access challenges to climbing in our history. Access will remain a critical issue in the year ahead and the […]

AGM – Update Notice 19.9.

Dear VCC Members This message is regarding the up-coming AGM. It concerns the following three items: Change of the Melbourne Location Proxy Voting Remote Location Attendance Change of the Melbourne Location Yesterday we were notified by the Retreat Hotel that they double booked the room and can’t accommodate us anymore. We now booked  the upstairs […]

Annual General Meeting – Tuesday 24th September 2019

The VCC Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 24th September at The Retreat Hotel in Abbotsford. The meeting will start at 7:30pm. Meals and drinks available. The AGM will feature all the usual AGM Reports, Voting for the new Committee, Reports and Speeches. There is also a vote on the possible affiliation of […]

President’s Report with Gariwerd Access Update – September 2019

Originally published in the September 2019 issue of Argus, but republished here for the benefit of the wider climbing community. Dear Members, Time marches on toward spring and like the weather, my spirits seem to be lifting. I had the incredible privilege of attending Joanne Harrison Clarke’s Yanng Ngalung Malingundidji Cultural Training in Horsham with […]

Q&A Gariwerd

Recently Neil Monteith from savegrampiansclimbing.org posted a lengthy comment in the dark corners of facebook. Neil raised a couple of good and valid questions so instead of hiding our reply in the same dark corner, we’re putting up the original comment together with our answers.

Stakeholder Reference Group Participation

Hi Climbers Waiting for the Second Parks Victoria (PV) is preparing a new management plan for the Grampians landscape, an area that covers the Grampians National Park and adjacent parks and reserves. You’ll find information on the Engage Victoria website – if you haven’t registered your interest there, do it now! As part of this […]

Memorandum of Understanding

A need has been identified by the climbing community to establish a peak governing body for climbing and mountaineering activities in Victoria. This is our commitment to work on this with other climbing clubs.

Mediation with Parks Victoria

There has been some discussion about the mediation that the CEO of PV invited the VCC to attend. This post adds some context.

Club Update

Here’s the latest update about the access situation in the Grampians. We’ll cover the ClimbForGrampians fundraiser, Meeting with minister’s advisors, Mediation with Parks Victoria, the new Climbing Federation and the upcoming Grampians management plan review

Access & Environment Officer Announcement

Dear Victorian Climbing Community On behalf of the Victorian Climbing Club, our Committee and the climbing community at large I would like to thank Tracey Skinner for 11 years of dedication and service in the role of the VCC’s Access & Environment Officer. After more than a decade in the role, Tracey has decided to […]

Grampians Access Update

Yesterday VCC/CliffCare representatives – Tracey Skinner (Access & Environment Officer), Philipp Hammes (VCC Vice President) and Paula Toal (VCC President) – met with Simon Talbot and other Parks Victoria (PV) staff. This is an update about this meeting.


The VCC/CliffCare and the Grampians Access Working Group (GAWG) thank you for your patience. To say ‘there has been a lot going on behind the scenes’ is an understatement. And we understand that it may feel like nothing is happening. We are working on it. There will be a more extensive community update shared soon, […]

ARGUS Editor Vacancy

Do you want to edit Argus? About the job The position involves approximately 10-15 hours work per month and includes collecting articles and photos, keeping in touch with club members and the broader climbing community to keep abreast of news, writing the odd article and putting it all together. Packing several hard copies of Argus […]

The Wilderness Shop CLUB BUYING NIGHT

One of our sponsors, The Wilderness Shop in Box Hill, is holding a CLUB BUYING Night. This is an annual event at which VCC members can get great bargains. The Wilderness Shop holds a one-night-only VIP night for club members around Victoria to enjoy 20% off storewide. Where: The Wilderness Shop, 969 Whitehorse Rd, Box […]

The Wilderness Shop Annual Sale – October 2018

One of our sponsors, The Wilderness Shop in Box Hill, is holding their Annual Sale. VCC members can use their VCC Membership Cards to obtain 20% off gear.  When: Thursday 25th October 2018  (Note the date correction) Where: The Wilderness Shop, 969 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill. Time: 5:00pm – 9:00pm VCC Members (and any friends […]

CliffCare Working Bee: Mt Arapiles/Djurite Planting Weekend

Saturday 9th June at 9:00am What are we planting this time? –  20 x White Cypress Callitris glaucophylla –  10 x Port Jackson Pine Callitris rhomboidea –  20 x Drooping Sheoak Allocasuarina stricta –  20 x Yellow Gum Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp leucoxylon –  3 x Wallowa Acacia calamifolia All gathered seed from Mt Arapiles and […]

Summer Boulder Ladder ’18 Final – Northcote

The Northside Summer Boulder Ladder Final will be held at Northcote Northside Boulders on Friday 16th March from 4:30pm. Come along and try the new problems – the whole gym is being reset. Over $2000 worth of prizes. Entry is $10, with $5 being donated to Cliffcare. Have a great time and support Cliffcare!

The Wilderness Shop VIP Buying Night

One of our sponsors, The Wilderness Shop in Box Hill, is holding a VIP Buying Night. VCC members can use their VCC Membership Cards to obtain 20% off gear. Just in time for your Easter Climbing Trip. When: Tuesday 20th March 2018 Where: The Wilderness Shop, Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill Time: 5:30pm – 8:30pm VCC […]

Goatfest 2018

Climbing Film Festival Saturday 31st March  6:00pm Arapiles Community Theatre Films, Food, Fun times and Prizes. All monies raised go to the Arapiles Community Theatre, which brings us great events such as the Nati Frinj. Goatfest is still wanting more films, including anyone interested in making their ‘directional debut’. So let your artistic inner self […]

The Wilderness Shop Annual Sale

The Wilderness Shop Annual Sale is scheduled for Friday 17th to Sunday 19th November 2017.   VCC members have been invited the exclusive pre-sale evening on: Thursday 16th November 5.00pm to 9.00pm. All stock will be a minimum 20% OFF (normally 10% off for club members). In addition there will be hundreds of other specials […]

Wilderness Shop – VIP Buying Night 4th April

One of our sponsors, The Wilderness Shop, is holding a VIP Buying Night. VCC members can use their VCC Membership Cards to obtain 20% off gear. Just in time for your Easter Climbing Trip. When: 4th April 2017 Where: The Wilderness Shop, Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill Time: 5:30pm – 8:30pm To download or print the […]

North Walls Indoor Climbing Gym – Now Open

Melbourne’s latest Climbing Gym, North Walls, has finally opened. Situated in the heart of Brunswick, there is excellent public transport access. Melbourne climbers have never had it so good for training facilities and variety in route setting! North Walls has feature walls by Walltopia, a world-leader in climbing wall manufacturing.   Address: Unit 3, 17-19 Hope St, Brunswick […]

Vertical Life Print Issue Vol 2

Final days to order your copy. Get in and order before it’s too late! It’s time for another beautiful collector’s Print Edition of Vertical Life – Australia’s premiere climbing magazine. That’s 144 pages (+ covers) of reading pleasure on thick matte stock: the best stories and photos from the eight issues through 2014–15, plus a […]

Annual General Meeting – Thursday 15th September 2016

The VCC Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 15th September at The Retreat Hotel in Abbotsford. The meeting will start at 7:30pm in the Carringbush Room. Meals and drinks available. The AGM will feature all the usual AGM Reports, Voting for the new Committee, Reports and Speeches. And this year the highlight will […]

VCC Mountaineering Program 2016

There’s a whole magical world out there: mountain life! We want to give you an idea of what mountaineering is about, where its beauty lies and why it is so addictive. Like climbing on rocks, mountaineering is an activity requiring a mix of skills. In the past many successful rock-climbers like Brigitte Koch, Alex Honnold […]

2016 Wilderness Shop 20% Club Buying Night

The Wilderness Shop is having its once a year 20% OFF club buying night and we would like to invite your club. Details are as Follows: 20% OFF all stock*. The Wilderness Shop 969 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill Thursday 21st April. 6pm to 8:30pm. Food and drink will be provided. The sale night is not […]

This Wednesday – On the rock with Monique and Simon

Thought you’d missed out, we are told there are a handful of tickets remaining for this Wednesday. Catch Monique Forestier and Simon Carter on their exciting tour when they visit Melbourne. Not sure if you’ve heard of Monique Forestier, but in the world of inspirational rock climbers she is top notch! She’s one of Australia’s […]

Banff 2016

GET YOUR TIX BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE Tickets to the 2016 Banff Mountain Film Festival Australian tour are selling out fast. This year’s tour is jam packed with insane powder, breathtaking scenery, awesome mountain biking, courageous climbing and inspirational adventures. Featuring a specially curated selection of films from the recent Banff Mountain Film Festival in […]

2015 Cliffcare Raffle Winners

This year’s winning ticket numbers are: Bayside Rock 6 month memberships: 3000 0967 $500 Bogong voucher: 5822 Roos with a View weekend accomodation: 1175 Beal Opera Rope from Sea to Summit: 4291 Breathe Pilates 10 class multipass: 1759 Mount Zero Log Cabins weekend accomodation for 2: 5633 Hardrock 10 visit pass: 5762 5660 1713 5761 […]

New website

Welcome to the VCC’s new web site thanks to a dedicated band of volunteers Tim Lucas, Josh Bassett, Andrew Clark and Hywel Rowlands. The site has been developed free of charge and we are stoked with the result. We hope you like it. We look forward to improving and updating the site over the coming […]