Rock Climbing Roundtable 4 update

In response to requests made at Rock Climbing Roundtable 4 on 5 March, Parks Victoria have released updated maps of the SPAs in the Grampians (north and south), a list of names of the SPAs, and a list of the 125 areas assessed for tangible cultural heritage. They have also answered questions arising from the meeting. Key takeaways for climbers from these new […]

Victorian Climbing Management Guidelines

Well-credentialed and very experienced climber Matt Brooks began, a few years ago, to formulate a document that summarised climbing and climbing management best practice. He co-opted appropriately experienced climbers with the requisite knowledge and skills to act as a ‘steering committee’ and to begin to flesh out the contents of such a document. This group […]

Submissions, meetings and some positive steps

1) Call for submissions re a possible interim protection order at Declaration Crag Parks Victoria has sent around the following communication: ‘The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs is considering whether to make an interim protection declaration in relation to a Barengi Gadjin Aboriginal place known as ‘Dyurrite 1’ in Mount Arapiles-Tooan State Park.  Dyurrite 1 is […]

Interim Protection Declaration for Taylor’s Rock/Declaration Crag?

The following communication was received on 30th March from Parks Victoria. It relates to the consideration, by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, of an Interim Protection Declaration for Taylor’s Rock/Declaration Crag (at Mount Arapiles). The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs is considering whether to make an interim protection declaration in relation to a Barengi Gadjin Aboriginal […]

Outdoor Bouldering Walls CLOSED

In accordance with guidance coming out from Federal and State Governments, and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, all outdoor Bouldering Walls have been closed. In the interest of public health and safety during this time, we’ve already removed the holds from the Burnley and Footscray walls. The COVID-19 virus has been shown […]

VCC Trips and Events Update

Hi everyone, We’ve cancelled all VCC trips and events for the foreseeable future in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is in keeping with the State Government’s announcement on Sunday of the cancellation of non-essential services. We ask you to please reconsider any climbing plans you may have. Now is not the time to risk an accident […]

Access – where are we now?

As you’ll be aware, the VCC has been deliberating for some months on whether or not to file legal proceedings against Parks Victoria (PV) in relation to the Grampians climbing bans.  We have been holding off until after the fourth of a series of Roundtable meetings was held. We had been hoping that PV might […]

Storm Clouds and a Ray of Sunshine in Natimuk

In the February edition of the Argus, I reported that Barenji Gadjin and Parks Victoria would be running an information session at Natimuk on January 29 about the recent closure of Taylor’s Rock / Declaration Crag at Mt Arapiles, to discuss possible ways forward. Since the scheduling of this meeting didn’t allow time for a […]

Victorian State Speed Titles – Gravity Worx

Gravity Worx Indoor Climbing Gym in Pascoe Vale/Coburg will host Sport Climbing Victoria’s State Speed Titles for the third year in a row on Saturday 14th March, 2020. Entries for States are open at Sport Climbing Victoria. There are youth and adult categories, with a range of sub-category options, so you can enter the category […]