Re-discovery of rock art at Declaration Crag, Djurite/Mt Arapiles.

There has been a re-discovery of rock art at Taylor’s Rock (Declaration Crag). Barengi Gadjin Land Council shared this news with the Rock Climbing Roundtable in advance of a public statement as a positive story of celebration and a demonstration of their faith in the climbing community to do the right thing. They respectfully ask all users of the park (not just climbers) to abide by the temporary restrictions being put in place at the site effective from tomorrow, 4 December, whilst they as a community decide what they would like to do with this discovery and the site for the future. As a climbing community we feel honoured by this gesture of faith and celebrate this amazing discovery. The members of the Roundtable have expressed enthusiasm for the potential this discovery holds to increase the value of a special place where climbing & cultural heritage can co-exist.

The VCC and CliffCare are humbled by this gesture of trust towards climbers and welcomes this amazing discovery. We are exited to learn more about this rediscovered Cultural Heritage and look forward to help preserving it for future generations.

More information can be found on the Parks Victoria website: