Hillwood Reopens

Hillwood is open!! The George Town Council and the Climbers Club of Tasmania have worked hard to secure an agreement with the landowner to take over management of one of Tasmania’s best sport climbing and bouldering areas. As a community we wanted to highlight a few points which, if not followed, may jeopardise access again. This is still on PRIVATE PROPERTY. 

One important thing to note is that if you are using an old guidebook the access information will NOT be accurate. Route information may have changed as there has been a huge rebolting effort to ensure all hardware is in exceptional condition. Extensive trackwork has been done by Crag Care, so please stick to tracks and follow the new signage. 

Before you climb at Hillwood ensure you check theCrag (https://www.theCrag.com) and The Sarvo for access details and keep your eye out for a new guidebook due in June. Please follow the below restrictions and help us ensure that our favourite local crag in the north remains open for years to come!

  • No parking on the road or across gates
  • No overnight stays
  • No trespassing onto neighbouring paddocks, or interfering with livestock
  • No fires or stoves
  • No animals or pets
  • No firewood collection

Please try and carpool where you can and park tightly in the carpark. Hillwood has a great cafe, please drive through and support them if you can. There is camping up at Low Head and across the river at Beauty Point, please make the effort to camp elsewhere.

As this is a trial reopening, all visitors need to follow these above restrictions and advice to ensure that climbers in the future continue to have access to this wonderful crag.