Cathedral Range Adventure Climbing – North Jawbone

Cathedral Range State Park 7 Oct 2018

North Jawbone provides excellent climbing on high quality, chocolate coloured sandstone. Enjoy the excellent views and the long slabs on the first VCC rock climbing trip to the Cathedrals this season. It’s time to polish up your footwork and to get slabbing.Footwork

Climbing in the ‘Cathedrals’ can be quite an adventure, with the crags often being remote and access requiring walks through rugged terrain. However, there are many little gems that await those willing to make the effort. The North Jawbone Crag overlooks the Cathedral Valley on the Eastern side of the Cathedral Range. Despite its steep appearance, North Jawbone is a reclining slab of about 60 degrees. Many of its climbs are multi-pitch and over 100m long on quality chocolate sandstone. There are approximately 53 documented routes at the crag and they range in grade from 3 to 23. Some popular two and three star routes include: Speigals Overhang 130m (10), Junglescope 140m (13), Fruit Hustler 40m (17) and The Mice Were Furious 130m (17).

The trip is targeted at Advanced Climbers, with a limited number of spots available for Intermediate Climbers. Trip numbers will be capped at twelve, so make sure you get in early to secure a spot.

Contact the Trip Leader, Ollie Sherlock, to secure your place.

Photos: Trip Leader Ollie Sherlock and delicate footwork. (Michael O’Reilly Collection)

Contact: Ollie Sherlock

Not sure if you’re novice, intermediate or advanced? Find your level or contact the trip leader.