CliffCare Working Bee – Central Gully, Mt Arapiles/Djurite

Mt Arapiles/Djurite 5 May 2018 9:00am

WOD, brought to you by Cliffcare.

None of the other Workouts of the Day give you warm fuzzy feelings, or brownies for that matter.

Rock up, haul a rock or two, feel pumped, eat a brownie, go climb. Or sleep. Whatever. Let’s do this people! (said in a deep, yelly and authoritative voice. But still a friendly voice:-)

If you want that brownie, and you really do, please contact Tracey and let her know that you’ll be there to help out. Or just turn up on the day.

Cliffcare and Central Gully say thanks!


See the Cliffcare Facebook post here:


Contact: Tracey Skinner