Djurite/Arapiles in December

Djurite/Mount Arapiles 7 Dec 2019 — 8 Dec 2019

There isn’t a December EOM@Djurite/Araps trip, so come along on this early summer trip instead. In fact, going climbing sure beats Xmas shopping, work functions and just about anything else happening in December!

December offers plenty of warmth all day, as well as longer daylight hours, and then you’ve got daylight savings. You will be able to climb till your hands can’t even hold a RP!

The new VCC President, Kevin Lindorff, is the Trip Leader. Here’s your chance to talk to Kevin about his many FAs at Araps and in the Grampians. (He’s usually too busy at the Nati Café.)

Trip Leader Kevin Lindorff

We will be camping in The Pines, close to the action. There is no better rock to fondle than the hard quartzite of Arapiles, so contact your Trip Leader, Kevin Lindorff, to register your interest.

This trip is suitable for all levels of climbers, however Beginner spaces will be limited by the number of experienced leaders who come along. It is recommended that Beginners contact the Trip Leader as soon as possible.

All intending participants must contact the trip leader prior to the trip. Please send through some details about your experience and climbing gear and hopefully we’ll see you there.

Contact: Kevin Lindorff

Not sure if you’re novice, intermediate or advanced? Find your level or contact the trip leader.