Eastern Wall, Gariwerd/Grampians

Eastern Wall, Central Grampians 14 Mar 2020 — 15 Mar 2020

Nindja Area, Eastern Wall

The Central Grampians has plenty to offer climbers at this time of the year. We will be climbing both days at Eastern Wall, a substantial north-facing cliff that has a number of routes at more accessible grades, as well as some harder climbs. Eastern Wall is the large cliff visible from the top of Bundaleer. The photo of the Nindja Area only shows part of the left hand end of the cliff!

Eastern Wall was banned to climbing in 2008, due to the re-establishment of the Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby population in a trial rehabilitation experiment. PV reopened the area to climbing in late 2015 after closing the trial there and the remaining wallabies were relocated. Eastern Wall is outside of the SPA areas too. It’s time to return.

A visit to Eastern Wall feels like real adventure climbing. The steep 25 mins walk up the hill after the slow drive down Rosea Track makes you feel quite remote. While there are some abseil anchors at the top of the cliff, this cliff basically is a trad cliff. It provides some great multi-pitch trad climbing, particularly in the easier grades. The routes are often steep, exposed, airy and unlikely at the grade.


Trip Leader Rhys Boyar

If you are interested in joining the VCC on this trip, please contact the Trip Leader, Rhys Boyar, to secure your place.

The total number of  participants on this trip will be limited. The number of beginners will also be limited, depending on the number of experienced leaders who come along. All intending participants must contact Rhys prior to the trip.

Contact: Rhys Boyar

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