End of Month @ Araps (Aug) with Tree Watering and Mulching

Mt Arapiles 26 Aug 2017 — 27 Aug 2017 9:00am

The month of August is a perfect time to climb at Arapiles and also an ideal time for watering and mulching our newly planted trees in The Pines. Why not come along and support the VCC and Cliffcare in helping to give back to a place that gives us so much .…

Nurture the new trees in the Campground and watch them grow as you return to the Mount in coming years! The tree watering and mulching will happen on the Saturday morning commencing at 0900. Once the watering and mulching of the trees is finished, we can head out climbing.

This is a combined event involving the VCC, Cliffcare, Parks Victoria and Friends of Arapiles.

For the climbing organisation, please contact Tara Laursen, who will be your VCC Trip Leader. For the tree watering and mulching, please contact Ollie Sherlock. 

Ollie Sherlock
Email: ollie.sherlock@rbg.vic.gov.au
Phone:  0409 155 106


  • Ollie next to one of the newly planted trees in The Pines.
  • The Organ Pipes at sunrise.
  • Trip Leader Tara Laursen.



Contact: Tara Laursen

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