EOM @ Djurite/Araps (Sept) & CliffCare Working Bee

Djurite/Mount Arapiles 27 Sep 2019 — 29 Sep 2019

Warmer sunny weather, wild flowers and still good friction – what better reason is there to visit Mt Arapiles in early Spring? Well, the long weekend for the AFL Grand Final is another great reason to head to The Mount. The Cliffcare Working Bee is an even better reason. We will help move some more rocks for Walter for the Upper Central Gully Track Project on Saturday morning. The benefits of participating in this type of Working Bee are obvious to any climber who has spent any time at Araps.

Saturday Working Bee Details:

Meet at the top of the Central Gully Track at 9:30am, or in The Pines Campground at 9:00am ready for the walk up the track. We will be moving some rocks from the top of the track down the track a reasonably short distance. This will only take between 30 and 60 mins to complete – a great warm-up for Saturday’s climbing.

Come along and cruise up the nearby classics and well-worn trade routes in the Organ Pipes or Central Gully Left in the sun. Or climb something new? The Watchtower slabs are perfect in fine weather at this time of year. Or head up into Central Gully right-hand side for some all day shade if the sun becomes too much!

We will be camping in The Pines, close to the action. There is no better rock to fondle than the hard quartzite of Arapiles, so contact your Trip Leaders, Paula and Steve Toal, to register your interest.

This trip is suitable for all abilities and new VCC members are encouraged to come along. These EOM@Djurite/Araps trips are intended for all levels of climbers, however Beginner spaces may be limited by the number of experienced leaders who come along. It is recommended that Beginners contact the Trip Leader as soon as possible.

Please send through some details about your experience and climbing gear and hopefully we’ll see you there.

More details about the CliffCare Working Bee will be available soon on the VCC Facebook Page and on the new CliffCare Website.

Photos: Trip Leaders Paula and Steve Toal; and The Organ Pipes at sunrise.

Contact: Paula Toal

Not sure if you’re novice, intermediate or advanced? Find your level or contact the trip leader.