February EOM @ Araps/Dyurrite

Mount Arapiles 25 Feb 2023 — 26 Feb 2023

Enjoy some summer climbing on the February EOM @ Dyurrite/Mt Arapiles. This is the first EOM for the year. Dyurrite offers many shady gullies to escape the sun. Even if it rains, the rock will be dry in no time. Come prepared for the weather and the longer hours of daylight. Climb in the cooler evenings … or even in the early mornings.

We will be camping in The Pines, close to the action. There is no better rock to fondle than the hard quartzite of Arapiles, so contact your Trip Leader, Jason Jacobs, to register your interest. 

These EOM@Araps/Dyurrite trips are intended for all levels of climbers, however Beginner spaces are limited by the number of experienced leaders who come along. It is recommended that Beginners contact the Trip Leader as soon as possible.

All intending participants must contact the trip leader prior to the trip. Please send through some details about your experience and climbing gear and hopefully we’ll see you there.

COVID-19 Information – Please Read

Trip Leader Jason Jacob

During these COVID times, all intending participants need to contact the leader prior to the trip, as well as read all of the documents referred to below. Members cannot just ‘turn up’ on the weekend. 

It is important that all participants read the VCC COVID-19 Safety Plan and VCC Advice to Participants on Club Trips, Courses and Activities before signing up for this trip. The advice and guidelines have been published on our website:

VCC COVID-19 Safety Plan and resuming club activities – Victorian Climbing Club (vicclimb.org.au)

Contact: Jason Jacobs

Not sure if you’re novice, intermediate or advanced? Find your level or contact the trip leader.