Mountaineering Social Night

Clifton Hill Brewpub 18 Jul 2018 6:30pm

You like Mountaineering? You want to meet fellow adventurers? Join us in this cross-club social night! This is a combined but very casual event by the Mountaineering Clubs of Melbourne:

• Melbourne University Mountaineering Club
• NZAC Australia Section
• Victorian Climbing Club

We love to bring everyone together so you can listen to the latest tales, make bold plans for the future, get the latest beta and simply meet awesome new people.

If you want to share some of your rad pictures so we can show them during the evening, submit them via this website: 

We’ll try to organise some sort of screen to keep them running in the background.

Please select “Going” on the Facebook Event so we can arrange/adjust the booking 

Cheers and see you there
Luke (MUMC), Andrew (NZAC) & Philipp (VCC)

Contact: Philipp Hammes