New Year Mystery Trip @ Arapiles

Mt Arapiles 31 Dec 2016 — 2 Jan 2017

With New Year’s Day 2017 lining up for a three-day weekend, and a forecast predicting a lovely, cool reprieve from the summer heat (max 21°!), we’re running a last-minute, long weekend trip to a location that will be decided prior to the trip by participants. The destination will be either Mt Arapiles or a Grampians crag. (as decided by the group on Thursday).

So if rocks and open air are more your scene than drunken crowds, register your interest ASAP, and trade in your paper hats for helmets, confetti for chalk, noisemakers for hexes (for obvious reasons) and champagne for… actually, given an Esky and some ice, you can still bring the champagne.

This trip is suitable for Intermediate and Advanced climbers.

To join this ‘Mystery Trip’, you need to contact the Trip Leader, Dave Scarlett.

Photo: Jayden Andrea taking some of his 2016 Xmas presents for their first outing earlier this year.

Contact: Dave Scarlett (0423488139)

Not sure if you’re novice, intermediate or advanced? Find your level or contact the trip leader.