Self-Rescue Course

Mount Arapiles 17 Oct 2015 — 18 Oct 2015

Climb long enough and at one point or another getting stuck in a jam high up off the ground is inevitable: stuck ropes, a crucial piece of gear missing in action, wandering off-route into dicey terrain, or an injury that leaves a climber in need of help.
This course is designed to help you deal with these types of situations.Prerequisites – all participants must be:
– VCC members
– lead climbers or competent seconds
– able to demonstrate competency in tying figure-of-eight bight and bend, water knot, double fisherman’s and clove hitch.The course runs over 2 days and the following techniques will be covered if time allows:
– Basics
– Emergency Procedures
– Rescue Knots such as Munter Hitch, Mule Hitch, Prusik Hitch, Autoblock, Klemheist, Bachmann, Garda and Mariner’s Hitches
– Escaping the (belay) system
– Belaying off the body and belaying off the anchor
– Raising the second
– Simple assisted hoist
– Descending & ascending (abseiling & prusiking) past knots
– Raising the injured
– Second pulley systems
– Makeshift chest harness
– Assisted abseil
– Ascending to a hurt leader (anchoring, prusik, solo, rope solo).

Please contact the Trip Leader, Andrew, to register your interest. Places are limited.


Contact: Andrew Clark