2018 VCC Annual General Meeting and Dinner

The Great Northern Hotel 6 Sep 2018 6:00pm

Where and When:
Dinner from 6:00pm at The Great Northern Hotel, 644 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North.

Annual General Meeting: Starting at 7:30pm at The Great Northern Hotel.

More details are on the VCC Facebook Page.

What: The usual AGM Reports, Voting for the new Committee, Speeches and the fun parts:

The Golden Hex & Corroded Cam Awards for Climbing Photography

Each year, all those present at the AGM vote in the VCC’s annual climbing photography competition, The Golden Hex and Corroded Cam Awards, awarding titles for first place (The Golden Hex) and runner up (The Corroded Cam).

Entry in the competition is open to all club members, and any climbing-related photos taken since the previous AGM (21/09/2017), whether taken on a club trip or other trip, will be accepted for entry. Each entrant may submit a maximum of six photos in the competition, so be sure to select your very best.

Entries may be submitted at any time up to the day before the AGM (6/09/2018) by emailing photo attachments or links to Philipp Hammes – phammes@vicclimb.org.au

Alternatively, you can bring your photos to the AGM on a USB drive.

The Trip Leaders Rewards Raffle

This year we’re also going into another round of the HUGE Raffle for the Trip Leaders Rewards Program.

Basically there are a bunch of amazing prizes our generous supporters provided and this is just a little thank you to all the effort our trip leaders have put in over the past year. Cheers to you legends!

Here are the rules for the VCC Trip Leaders Raffle:

1.     There will be a raffle of all eligible trip leaders at each VCC AGM. To qualify they need to lead one or more trips (day or overnight) since the previous AGM.

2.     Leading more trips means the trip leader’s name goes in the raffle more times. One raffle ticket entry per day of climbing organised, up to a maximum of four days per trip.

3.     Up to two Trip Leaders can receive credit in the raffle as trip leaders for the same trip.

4.     If more than one prize, then draw the raffle for the prizes in order from the most valuable first.

5.     Order of prizes draw to be determined prior to the AGM by the Committee.

6.     Each Trip Leader can only win one prize.

7.     A Trip Leader’s next 12 months of VCC membership will be one prize.

This year Bogong Equipment has again donated the major prize in the raffle.

We look forward to seeing you and your photos at the AGM.


Photo: Current President Ben Wright enjoying cooler temperatures on rock.

Contact: Philipp Hammes