VCC Crackers 5 – Frog Buttress (Queensland)

Frog Buttress, Mount French 1 Jul 2016 — 10 Jul 2016

This is a 10 day trip to Frog Buttress, the crag boasts the best crack climbing in Australia, it is simply outstanding and set within a national park. This is the fifth aFrog Buttress - Dave Fnd final trip in the VCC Crackers climbing series. Learning to crack climb can open up a whole new world of inspiring climbing lines that will take you up some of the best rock in the world, Frog Buttress being one such place. Most of the climbs are steep, it is recommended that you are able to climb grade 18 outdoors or greater although you may not necessarily lead at this grade.

The trip is in Queensland and there are a few logistical items for each trip participant to consider:

  • Flight to Brisbane – A flight departure around lunchtime Friday from Melbourne to Brisbane will give you time to travel and shop for food before arriving at Frog Buttress in the evening. Arriving in Brisbane between 4pm and 5pm would be ideal in terms of meeting others and sharing car hire vehicles. Flights are typically $300 to $400. Note that this is a school holiday period and flight prices can be much higher closer to the date,
  • Return flight – The trip intends to return from Brisbane airport on Sunday afternoon on the 10 July,
  • Shared car hire – Participants will need to group for car hire purposes. A group of 3-4 people is ideal. The drive is less than 2 hours, and
  • Book Camping – You will need to book a camping spot at Frog Buttress – Mount French.
Contact: Hywel Rowlands (0437494079)