West Flank Sport Climbing

West Flank, Mt Zero Picnic Ground, Grampians 24 Feb 2018 — 25 Feb 2018

West Flank is a conveniently located cliff, only 150m from Mt Zero Picnic Grounds/Carpark in the Northern Grampians. As the climbs are in the shade until early/mid afternoon, it is a great place to visit in summer.

For those who have been around a little longer, West Flank was previously known as Wall of Fuels.

West Flank has seen a resurgence in recent years, mainly due to the rebolting of some of the older routes, and the addition of new sport routes. The climbing on this trip will focus on these sport routes.

Due to the lack of easier routes, this trip is not suitable for Beginners/Novices. In the terms of VCC Club Trips, you need to be an Intermediate or Advanced Climber.


Please contact Rhys Boyar, the Trip Leader, if you are interested in coming along. Rhys will forward on more trip details and camping information.

Contact: Rhys Boyar (0475 953 756)

Not sure if you’re novice, intermediate or advanced? Find your level or contact the trip leader.