Winter at Bayside Rock Gym!

Bayside Gym, Carrum Downs 25 Jun 2016 2:00pm

Ross Walking

Ollie Slackline



The VCC are having an afternoon ‘trip’ to Bayside Rock Climbing Gym in Carrum Downs. Come along and join us climbing on the expansive walls or develop your power with some great bouldering upstairs. The plan is to climb at Bayside Rock from 2pm until it closes at 5pm. Contact the Trip Leaders Ollie Sherlock and Ross Timms to register your interest.

Climbers who have not been to Bayside Rock yet will need to compete some paperwork (can be downloaded from their website to speed up the process) as well as a belaying instruction/test. If you need to compete the toprope belay test, please arrive at the gym early enough to complete your paperwork and be ready for the belay instruction/test at 1:30pm.

It’ll even feel like a daytrip if you live in the Northern or Western suburbs! If you haven’t climbed at this fantastic gym, then now is your chance. Climbing at a new gym can be quite inspiring. If you’re a regular at Bayside Rock, come along and meet up with other VCC members.

Lead climbing at Bayside Rock requires a mini-course and test with particular instructors. Lead climbers must use the Eddy belay device. James Kassay has organised for climbers who don’t already have a Lead Pass at Bayside Rock to be able to do their course and belay/lead test on the club trip. Members already with a lead pass can of course pump themselves silly immediately on the roof! BYO rope as usual.

The cost is $15 for VCC members (and even non-members on this ‘trip’). You need to bring your own gear and your VCC Card. Gear can be hired for an extra $12 if needed. This trip is suitable for Beginners.

A car-pooling spreadsheet will be used to facilitate travelling to Carrum Downs for those further away. Non-Members must contact Ollie and register for this trip in order to receive the VCC discount entry.

Photos: Ollie slacklining at Bayside Rock and Ross walking into the cliff in The Grampians.

See you on the walls at Bayside Rock!

Contact: Ollie Sherlock

Not sure if you’re novice, intermediate or advanced? Find your level or contact the trip leader.