The Committee

Paula ToalVice President
I am passionate about climbing for being close to nature and exploring places that people who don’t climb will never have the privilege to experience. Having a holiday home in Halls Gap, the Grampians is a special place for me and I also love granite. Some believe it’s fair to say that nobody has ever smiled so much whilst climbing Where Angels Fear to Tread.

Steve ToalSecretary

Chen – Treasurer
I spent 20 years thinking that one day I will start serious training and climb serious grades. I will continue to do so for another 20 years. Meanwhile, I do the boring accounting stuff for the club.

Glen DonohueCommittee Member & Membership Secretary
When not stalking members to pay their membership, Glen can be found in the Grampians. Usually covered in sweat, dirt and prickles at some remote cliff no one has visited in the last decade, which was probably the last time he was there anyway. He is editor of the VCC mega-classic ‘A Grampians Rock Climbing Guide: the Asses Ears Area’ and co-conspirator with many other lost souls of Grampians/Gariwerd guidebook editors in keeping Victorian climbing history documented.

Ben Wright – Committee Member

Jill Gara – Argus Editor & Committee Member

Cameron AbrahamCommittee Member

Richard Gaunt – Webmaster & Committee Member

Matthew Brooks – Committee Member

No President Nominated

Non Committee Members with a Club Function:

Michael O’ReillyTrip Coordinator
l have had an ongoing serious addiction to climbing for over 30 years. But I cleverly use my position as VCC Trip Coordinator as cover for this problem. I just can’t help myself and love to climb – especially in The Grampians. I’ve been known to climb first ascents, even having to place bolts, just to get my fix. When I can’t climb outdoors, I’ve been known to do a bit of route setting and climbing at The Lactic Factory and Northside Bouldering gyms.
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