The Committee

Ben WrightVice President
Some say I have not missed a VCC trip in over 10 years, I hate to disappoint but I missed one whilst climbing in China recently. When I am not climbing, I am dreaming about climbing or planning my next climbing trip. You cant miss me at the crag, I am usually sporting one of my dazzling white work shirts.

Chen – Treasurer
I spent 20 years thinking that one day I will start serious training and climb serious grades. I will continue to do so for another 20 years. Meanwhile, I do the boring accounting stuff for the club.

Glen DonohueCommittee Member & Membership Secretary
When not stalking members to pay their membership, Glen can be found in the Grampians. Usually covered in sweat, dirt and prickles at some remote cliff no one has visited in the last decade, which was probably the last time he was there anyway. He is editor of the VCC mega-classic ‘A Grampians Rock Climbing Guide: the Asses Ears Area’ and co-conspirator with many other lost souls of Grampians/Gariwerd guidebook editors in keeping Victorian climbing history documented.

Kevin LindorffCommittee Member
I’ve been climbing since I was 12 years old. I’ve climbed in every state in Australia and in about 20 countries across 5 continents (Aust, Asia, Europe, America, Africa). I’ve pioneered hundreds of new routes, have authored or co-authored 3 rock-climbing guide books to Victorian climbs and have instructed many hundreds of people to climb over the years. “Though I’m mainly a rock-climber rather than a mountaineer, I have climbed lots of big alpine walls. I climb both trad and sport routes, am happy to boulder, and have loved going to climbing gyms over the years (though not much recently since I now live in Natimuk and have to content myself with my own modest training wall). I still love to get out and climb and, these days, am deriving great satisfaction in seeing my 12 year-old son, Lachlan, discovering the joys of climbing.

Cameron AbrahamCommittee Member
I am a resident of the Natimuk Café on weekends, you will catch me training hard as a dish pig which strengthens my core and finger tips. You are welcome to come and try some dish pig cross training whilst I run off and actually climb something for a change.

Steve ToalSecretary

Paula Toal Committee Member

Matt BrooksCommittee Member

No President Nominated

Non Committee Members with a Club Function:

Michael O’ReillyTrip Coordinator
l have had an ongoing serious addiction to climbing for over 30 years. But I cleverly use my position as VCC Trip Coordinator as cover for this problem. I just can’t help myself and love to climb – especially in The Grampians. I’ve been known to climb first ascents, even having to place bolts, just to get my fix. When I can’t climb outdoors, I’ve been known to do a bit of route setting and climbing at The Lactic Factory and Northside Bouldering gyms.
If you want to run a trip, get in touch

Leigh HopkinsonArgus Editor
Editing the Argus combines my two passions—climbing and writing. I’ve been climbing for five years now and working in media for ten. When I’m not at my desk or on the wall I tend to have this little guy strapped to me. If you see us at the gym (probably Northwalls) or the crag (Mt Alexander’s my local), come and say hello. And if you have a story to share, send it my way!